Zid, 2022 FR 08.07.22 00:00 ZID Zid, 2022 FR 08.07.22 00:00 ZID

He is considered one of the most promising newcomers on the Swiss music scene. After only two released singles, ZID released its first EP "00:01". The first minute, the beginning of every day, the beginning of something big! ZID packs five tracks into its EP and the ZID vibes can be recognized just by listening to it. His lyrics and messages are direct, the homemade beats harmonize with his rough voice and what ultimately results are urban dialect tracks with lots of feel-good vibes. We could already hear these vibes on his two singles "OMG" and "Meh" and see them in the corresponding music videos. By the way, live sessions of the individual tracks of the EP such as "Alles" and "Wider Verbi" can also be found on his YouTube channel "ZID Music".

ZID does everything himself for his first big project - and always has done - from songwriting to composition.