Rooftop Sailors

Rooftop Sailors, 2022 FR 08.07.22 02:00 ROOFTOP SAILORS Rooftop Sailors, 2022 FR 08.07.22 02:00 ROOFTOP SAILORS

It is not without reason that rooftop sailors are called "rock pigs" in Germany. Concerts ends with guitarists squirming and a standing drummer, with not only the front row in danger of being blown away by this resounding rock coward. But despite the demolition, organizers describe them as surprisingly housebroken.

After a tour through Germany and England and numerous open-air gigs in Germany in 2018, the band from Thun was all about singles in 2019: The EP "Uranium" is a diverse portfolio of five songs, which underlines the band's signature. Thanks to their constant presence, the band got a gig at the 2019 Gurten Festival and received airplay on various radio stations such as SRF3, Rete Tre and neo1.

The band was by no means inactive during the global pandemic. On the contrary: the band has their debut album in the starting blocks! "Kaleidoscope" will be released in November 2021 and is a snapshot of the world of four young adults and what it triggers in them. With a badass attitude, the album describes the romanticized view of the contrasts of our time. Critical lyrics with (almost) too much coolness - set to music as riffy swagger rock with the aim of shaking up the Swiss music scene.