Riverbanks, 2022 FR 08.07.22 20:00 RIVERBANKS Riverbanks, 2022 FR 08.07.22 20:00 RIVERBANKS

Of torches and rivers... As opposite as these two components may appear, they are very similar. Both elements can appear strong and irrepressible, mystical, but also calm and very idyllic to the point of being vulnerable. Out of control, they make their own way, dripping and blazing.

Rough times characterize the existence and character of the band Riverbanks. In search of new challenges to ingenuity and creativity, new ideas are formed and new influences make their way. Going through such processes shaped and shapes the development of the band from Lalden always anew, sometimes sending the five friends through storm and wind, but also welding them even closer together. It gives them the opportunity to create a greater whole together.

So it's hardly surprising that their unmistakable style combines different genres and has already brought them a wide variety of gigs. Appearances alongside Pegasus, Steffe la Cheffe, Halunke and Phenomden are certainly among the highlights.

Invigorating drum rhythms, snappy, catchy guitar riffs, but also polyphonic, sometimes choir-like chants are typical features of their music and together they form a symbiosis that is most at home in rock and folk. New works are created together, which again unites the various inflows in the form of ideas and ideas from the band members and makes the mix appear unusual. Above all, the music spreads a good mood, but at the same time prompts reflection, because the lyrics express both a positive vibe and energy as well as metaphorical, poetic and sometimes critically packaged topics. The songs and the phrases are as diverse as the band individuals, but in the end they unite again in the same waters and swim in the same direction. So that the river makes its way through all the turbulence and keeps flowing unstoppably. ...keep on rockin' like a blaze in a storm