Les Touristes

Les Touristes, 2022 FR 08.07.22 22:00 LES TOURISTES Les Touristes, 2022 FR 08.07.22 22:00 LES TOURISTES

The world is going crazy. There have been moments over the past few months when one began to doubt whether the chewing gum one had just spat out would fall to the ground as expected or whether it would suddenly soar into the sky. In retrospect, however, it can be said that at least the laws of physics have not changed. The Touristes also remained steadfast and defied the crises unchanged. A few more wrinkles and a few more gray hairs have probably formed anyway. But the desire to sing, celebrate and dance remains unbroken.

In summer the festival stages are boarded again, provided the bass player can find a babysitter, and in autumn the loud Basel band invites you to a club tour through Switzerland.

We are Les Touristes, a quintet from Basel, we make pop chanson music with dialect lyrics, oscillating somewhere between vulgar and dramatic. Originally acoustic on the street, now also electronically in the club, we play for everyone who isn't up in the trees at three.

Les Touristes are Tim Benj Simon Läli and Matthias, cantore pianista sassofonista bassista and batterista.