Frost & Fog

Frost & Fog, 2022 FROST & FOG SA 09.07.22 15:30 Frost & Fog, 2022 FROST & FOG SA 09.07.22 15:30

Frost & Fog's music enchants. Melancholy and thoughtfulness pull us back, release the tension. We can heal. Similarities and loveliness warm. Feeling with all your senses means pure bliss.

The two - Karen Frauchiger and Adrian Graf - have grown with their music. Eight years have passed since their first EP "Alone" (2014). The duo has grown up musically through the different stations on the second EP "The Tide" (2015) and the two singles "Let Them Go" and "Emily". The various performances (Gurtenfestival, Seaside Festival, Amschluss) strengthened the bond between the beautiful sounds, the emotional, well thought-out lyrics, the musicians on stage and the touched audience.

Frost & Fog have arrived with "Coven". All that remains of Thun, the lake and the Bernese Oberland is the scenery of a frosty late winter morning. The lyrics empower how we envision sisterhoods of witches. As sadness, fears and melancholy grow in loneliness, we find support and security in unity, understanding and unity - in friendship and love.